Modi's Visit to Bhutan: Emphasis on a Friendly Neighbourhood

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently concluded his first foreign visit to Bhutan. During this visit, India focused on "B2B" or "Bharat to Bhutan" diplomacy, which is important not for Bhutan alone, but for all of India's neighbours. Through this visit, India has tried to give a message that the neighbours are overwhelmingly important in its foreign policy and that it wants to rise as a global power along with all of them. It was for this reason that Modi invited all the heads of government/state of SAARC region to his swearing in ceremony as Prime Minister of India.

India-Bhutan Ties: New Delhi Got it Right

Many in India believe that we have failed in our policy towards our neighbours. For them the hall mark of any successful foreign policy is good relations with neighbours. Because we are so big, many think that we must make an extra effort to win the trust of our neighbours, deal with them generously, without seeking reciprocity, and show greater sensitivity to their concerns, however misplaced. They should be given a stake in our growing economy through unilateral concessions, with any shorter term loss being traded for longer term gains that economic dependence brings.