Interaction with the Visiting US delegation
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On 14 December a delegation from the US Department of State interacted with VIF scholars VIF representatives, Dr Arvind Gupta (Director), Lt Gen R K Sawhney (Retd),Gp Capt Naval Jagota (Retd),Sweta Kumari(Associate Fellow), Anurag Sharma (Snr Research Associate).

The members of the US team were Mr James Ross (Department of State), Mr. Theodore "Ted" Craig (Department of State)and Aditya Phatak (Political Advisor, US Embassy in India). Discussions were on the India-US joint working group on counter-terrorism and the progress of ‘anti-terrorism assistance’ (ATA) programme funded by the CT bureau of the State Department. Also discussed were on terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan theatre, mainly the ongoing clashes between TTP (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan) and Pakistan security forces/government. Other topics touched upon were the trends in Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan-sponsored terrorist groups and cyber-attacks and protection of Critical National Infrastructure (CNI).

Event Date 
December 14, 2022

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