Interaction with Dr. Nishan de Mel, the Executive Director of Verité Research, Colombo, Sri Lanka
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On 4 March, the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) organized an interaction with Dr. Nishan de Mel, the Executive Director of Verité Research, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Lt. General R. K. Sawhney (Retd.) delivered the opening remarks, followed by a brief observation from Ambassador Ashok Kantha. Dr. Nishan De Mel gave his remarks highlighting the internal dynamics of Sri Lanka and its impact on India-Sri Lanka relations. The presentation was accompanied by discussions, with a special focus on what should be the way forward for India- Sri Lanka relations. Finally, Lt. General R. K. Sawhney (Retd.) gave the concluding thoughts. The meeting was attended by Lt Gen R. K. Sawhney (Retd.), Brig. Vinod Anand (Retd.), Ambassador Ashok Kantha, Mr. Pratap M. Heblikar, Dr. Sweta Kumari, Mr. Anurag Sharma and Dr. Anchita Borthakur from the VIF.

The discussion focussed on a broad range of issues including the current political and economic scenario in Sri Lanka—the upcoming Presidential/Parliamentary election in the country— the question of Tamil reconciliation, the issue of connectivity, trade and investment etc. It was stressed that Sri Lanka is in the process of economic recovery after the Island nation was hit by a severe economic crisis in 2022—the worst since its independence. However, few longstanding challenges remain intact in the economic sphere in Sri Lanka. Security concerns of both the countries vis-à-vis the region were also highlighted in the course of discussion. In addition, the key areas of cooperation between India and Sri Lanka were examined by underlining the prospects and challenges for enhancing ties between the two South Asian neighbors. The deep-rooted historical and cultural bonds between India and Sri Lanka were analyzed by the panelists and it was emphasized that these connections require to be further strengthened for better relation between the two states.

Event Date 
March 4, 2024

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