Naval Jagota is a Senior Fellow with Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF), New Delhi. Previously, he has worked as a Research Fellow at IDSA (Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses) New Delhi. His research interest are Air Power and all its facets in an Indian context, China and its dual use infrastructure in Xinjiang and Xizang, the East Asian strategic culture as a whole and its impact on India and lastly indigenization of technologies for the armed forces. He holds a Masters in Defence and strategic studies from Madras University and a Master of Management Studies (MMS) from Osmania University.

The Virus Effect on India-China Trade Coronavirus (CoV) has caught China in its grip, China and the world are trying to grasp the effect of this virus on its population both medically as well as economically. The World Health Organisation (WHO) describes it as “a large family of viruse...

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