भारत के लिए रूस अब भी इतना अहम क्यों है?

भारत एक स्वतंत्र विदेश नीति का अनुसरण करता है। किंतु भू-राजनीतिक वास्तविकताओं के खिंचाव और दबा

The Top Four Ministers Need to Work in Harmony to Help Build New India

One striking feature of Modi Sarkar’s new cabinet is that the top four jobs of Home, Finance, Defence and External Affairs, are now occupied by new incumbents. They will bring their own visions and styles of functioning to their portfolios. Enjoyin

नए भारत के लिए मोदी का मंत्र

चुनाव परिणाम आने के बाद अपने अपने भाषणों में प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने नए भारत के विचार पर व

देश चलाने का जनादेश

भारतीय जनता पार्टी (भाजपा) ने 2019 के लोकसभा चुनावों में तमाम चुनौतियों से जूझते हुए 300 से ज्यादा सी

Modi Formula for New India

In his speeches, given after the election results were out, Prime Minister Modi has dwelt at length on the concept of New India. He said that while 2014-19 was devoted to denting poverty, the second term will address the task of building a ‘New Ind

A Mandate for Governance

Against all the odds, the BJP bettered it's 2014 record by winning over 300 seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The opposition parties, who ran a highly negative anti-Modi campaign, are in disarray. The mandate of the people for Modi and the BJP

Pakistan: the IMF Bailout Agreed, the Hard Part Begins Now

The IMF and the government of Pakistan have agreed on a structural adjustment program of USD 6 billion for three years to stabilise Pakistan’s crisis ridden economy. This will be the 13th such IMF package since 1988. The agreement was reached after

Why Russia remains important for India?

India pursues an independent foreign policy. But given the pulls and pressures of geopolitical realities, it is not an easy task. There is often a tendency in India to focus on US and Japan while ignoring Russia. This will be counter-productive. Indi

A Tale of two UN Resolutions on Cyber-security

In December 2018, the UN General Assembly (UNGA) adopted two important resolutions: 73/271 on ‘Developments in the Field of Information And Telecommunications in The Context of International Security’; and, 73/2662 on ‘Advancing Responsible Sta

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