Europe Might be more Vulnerable than Most to Omicron

At 8:19 PM, on another day of incessant drizzle in Chennai, I clicked on only to see the following headlines captioned boldly on the landing page: Yes, it is somewhat appropriate – whether intended or not – that Bloomberg had

The Economic and Geopolitical Implications of Evergrande

More often than not, the most objective and well-analysed piece of writing is not possible when a crisis is unfolding. The tendency of journalists and analysts will be to rush information to their readers and clients, respectively. There will be less

The Twin Crises at America’s Doorstep

The article has been covered under the following para headings:- America’s moment of truth is here A bitterly divided American society Enter elites and exit class China sees a big opportunity The importance of the 20th Amendment The crash ris

China and the United States – Big risks to the Global Economy and Markets

US stocks reach all-time high as government shuts down George Orwell is reported to have remarked famously that telling the truth would be a revolutionary at a time of universal deceit. It cannot be more apt than now when financial markets are dan

Analysing India’s budget for 2012-13

India’s budget deficit is hardcoded into its left-liberal intellectual discourse. Most intelligent Indians comfortably straddle the views that government is corrupt, venal and inefficient and that more government spending is the answer to all devel

Nehruvian Rate of Growth

India unveiled its new pan-India Consumer Price Index (CPI) in February 2012. With the release of the index figures for January, it is possible to compute annual inflation rates based on the new all-India CPI. The headline inflation rate based on thi

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