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पाकिस्तान से रद्द हुई वार्ता के निहितार्थ
इमरान खान के नेतृत्व में पाकिस्तान अंतरराष्ट्रीय स्तर पर कूटनीतिक कदमों को लेकर कुछ बढ़त हासिल करने की कोशिश में जुटा था। इसके तहत पाकिस्तान ने भारत के साथ बातचीत करने का प्रस्ताव देकर गेंद भारत के पाले में डाल दी कि अगर वह इसे खारिज करता है तो भली मंशा से ‘शांति की ओर कदम’ बढ़ाने की उसकी पेशकश पर पानी फेरने का ठीकरा भारत के सिर पर फूटेगा।
Defence Cooperation: India-Russia Strategic Partnership in Recess
The wide ranging agreements signed during President Vladimir Putin’s trip to New Delhi for the annual summit meeting with Prime Minister Narender Modi on October 4-5, 2018, and the bonhomie on display (warm hugs, long handshakes and plenty of smiles) failed to hide the fact that there has been a steady decline in the intrinsic quality of the strategic partnership between India and Russia over the last decade.
New Opportunities for India’s Pharma Companies in Israel
The ongoing restructuring of the Israeli pharmaceutical sector has opened up a host of new opportunities for the Indian companies. Teva Pharmaceutical is one of the largest pharmaceuticals in the world based out of Israel. Since its formation in 1980s after merging three companies, Teva has over the years turned out to be the crown jewel of Israel’s economy. It employs about a third of Israel’s workforce. It is the largest generic drugs maker in the world. Copaxone, which helps relapsing or remitting multiple sclerosis is the company’s Unique Selling Product.
Brexit: Implications for the United Kingdom and European Union Economy
The 23rd of June 2016, saw the United Kingdom (UK) participate in a referendum as regards to its membership in the European Union (EU). A relatively narrow margin of 52 per cent of the votes tipped the balance in favour of the ‘leave’ campaign and thus set the wheels rolling for Britain’s exit, or ‘Brexit’ from the regional union.
Pakistan Withdrawal from Combined Task Force 151: Does it Presage a Lethal Military Bloc – An Alliance of Four (Ao4)?
Pakistan Navy’s Pull-out
It was reported by Al Jazeera that the Pakistan Navy had pulled out of Combined Task Force (CTF) 151 on October 08, 2018. However, there has been no official confirmation by the Pakistan Navy.
The Challenge of Ensuring Rail Safety
The recent derailment of the New Farakka Express train near Rae Bareli, in which more than half a dozen lives were lost, has brought to fore the issue of rail safety yet again. Details of the incident are still sketchy.
West Asia Developments: September, 2018
Iran: Nuclear Issue
Speaking at the UN General Assembly (UNGA), Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu brought to fore their penchant for Iran bashing, claiming that Iran was hiding an atomic warehouse in Tehran.
VIF News Digest
Defense, National Security and Terrorism, VIF Alerts
December 4, 2018
VIF News Digest: National Security, Defence Studies and Terrorism (November 01 – 30, 2018)

Contents DEFENCE: Consultative Committee for Ministry of Defence Reviews Operational Preparedness of Indian Coast Guard...

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International Development
December 12, 2018
VIF News Digest: International Developments (24-30 Nov 2018)

USA Trump's trade war: Stakes are high at G20 summit 30 Nov 2018 Hopes that the meeting could open the way for a deal over...

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Neighbourhood News
December 14, 2018
VIF Neighbourhood News Digest: 14th December, 2018

PAKISTAN US wants to help Pakistan protect its economy’: Dawn December 14, 2018 The core purpose of US economic engagement...

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