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Governments That Work - II : The Mid-Day Meal, Ladli Lakshmi and the Bicycle for the Girl Child are Worthy of Emulation
Thinking out-of-the-box, politicians and bureaucrats are coming up with innovative ideas in many states to effectively tackle problems that have dogged Indian society for decades. It is indeed heartening to see the range of programmes and the clever manner in which each programme is tweaked to suit the needs of a specific state.
The Right to Reject all Candidates
The demand that voters should have the right to reject all the candidates in a constituency is now picking up with many non-government organizations and even the Election Commission supporting the idea. The proposal is to give electors the choice to press the button which says “None of the Above” if they do not like to vote for any of the candidates listed in the electronic voting machine. This option will come after the name of the last candidate in the voting machine.
Caste-based Census back on national discourse
Amid a plethora of problems facing India, the sudden clamour for caste-based census by political parties in and outside parliament has brought the sensitive subject back on national discourse. After a heated debate in the Lok Sabha on the last two days – May 6 and 7 - of the budget session of parliament, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the government would soon take a decision on the caste-based census.
Guest Column : Tackling the Naxal Insurgency
The Naxal Insurgency started in the tiny thatched hut village of Naxalbari in 1967 by Charu Mazumdar and Kanu Sanyal. By 1969, it had spread all over West Bengal. The main cause was economic, rampant poverty. The insurgency had, by 1969, spread to the urban areas as well as the mofussil; to the universities, colleges and schools. They had taken over Jadavpur University. Their HQ was in Presidency College. They were active in the factories and were trying to take over the Trade Unions. The situation was indeed grim and the Police and Para-military were unable to cope.
Tackling Maoism - Hopes of A Political Consensus
Though, as always, valuable time of parliament was lost in disruptions and political bickering, the just concluded Budget Session had one significant outcome – the emergence of a consensus across the political divide on the need for firm measures to tackle the threat that Maoists are posing to democracy and the rule of law.
Manipur’s Disturbing Downslide of Terrorism, Law and Order and Corruption-2009 and 2010
“When Jammu and Kashmir was blockaded a couple of years ago the matter kept the Government and media preoccupied for months. Manipur has been blockaded for at least a month and a half, without any respite-people are starving, there are no medicines-but there has been no concern shown by either.
Left Wing Extremism – The Threat and Response
Six years back, when on November 4, 2004, the Prime Minister proclaimed Left Wing Extremism as the biggest threat confronting the nation that had to be dealt at ‘war footing’, it had a ring of resolve of a freshly elected government to take the bull by its horns. However, when he repeats the same now, it carries an air of helpless lamentation. The efforts at war footing notwithstanding, during the last six years, the area under Naxal influence has nearly doubled extending to nearly 203 districts in fourteen states.
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