International Relations/Diplomacy
India-China Standoff and Stability in the Indo-Pacific

Recent violent clashes near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between Indian and Chinese army units, resulting in large number of casualties in the Galwan region, has caused significant alarm in the wider Indo-Pacific region. While the nature of the c

An Assessment of China’s 13th National People’s Congress – May 2020’

India gets Elected as a Non-permanent Member of the UNSC: A Busy Agenda Ahead

On 17 June, India wascomfortably elected to the non- permanent seat of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for the period of two years starting January 2021, receiving the endorsement from 184 out of the 192 countries who voted. In its last bi

Tensions Return to the Korean Peninsula

At a time when the world attention is focussed in battling the Covid-19, two communist nations – China and North Korea – are engaged in different terrains as if to deflect the focus from containing Covid-19. Both are unfortunate developments and

Modi’s Message: India Can and Will Defend its Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity

The brutal killing of 20 Indian soldiers by the Chinese troops at the Galwan river area on the Indian side of the India-China Line Of Control (LAC) in Ladakh on 15-16th June has led to national outrage in India. The brave Indian Army soldiers were in

US Naval Transformation Challenges PLA Navy

Numerous commentaries and essays have argued and concluded that the military gap between the US and China is closing and the numerical naval balance between the two Pacific powers has converged. The PLA Navy is growing rapidly, and in the last five y

Russia and Turkey Embroiled in Libya

For over a decade the biggest problem and misfortune of the Libyans has been the competition among the rival powers. This included the regional and non-regional interventionists who continue to support their favourite militias or quasi governments wh

COVID-19 in Tajikistan: From Denial to Full-scale Crisis

Despite being surrounded by the countries with positive cases of coronavirus, the Tajik Government had consistently denied the existence of the virus until April 30 when 15 cases were reported. This announcement was made when the World Health Organiz

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