Economic Studies
E-Commerce: Issues and Challenges

E-Commerce globally is on the rise. Relentless innovation in technology, endless consumer’s demand for variety of products and services, digitalization drive, advent of internet, OTT, and Covid-19 pandemic have propelled the world economy to witnes

The “One District One Product” Experiment

The state government of Uttar Pradesh is working diligently to grow the state's economy to $1 trillion and boost its share of India's GDP from the current 8% to 15–16%. The "One District One Product (ODOP)" programme was one crucial programme that

Potentiality of India’s Services Sector: Current State of Play

The contribution of services sector[1] to the Indian economy is well-recognized. With a significant share of over 50% in gross domestic product (GDP) (Economic Survey, 2021-22, M

The Elusive Golden Mean in PSB Privatization Goal

US President Harry Truman entangled in an array of economic views had famously asked for a “one-armed economist”.[1] A team of economists pronouncing “On the one hand,

The Outlook for 2023

The year 2022 will go down in history in which the great power rivalries returned with a vengeance. Even as the Covid pandemic lingered on, the world saw a major conflict erupting in Europe, bringing in its wake huge supplychain disruptions, an unpre

Significance of Launching Central Bank Digital Currency by RBI

Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) decisive move to initially discount the growing promises and popularity of crypto currency in India is quite praiseworthy. In a highly uncertain, volatile and non-transparent global financial regime, adoption of crypto

Digital Rupee and Use of Blockchain Technology Unleashing a New Revolution

An Announcement that can Transform Indian Economy
The Indian Finance Minister in her budget speech on 01 February 2022 made a small announcement at Paragraph 111 about introducing digital currency (Central Bank Digital Currency) using bl

Budget 2022-23 – A huge turning point

There are several firsts about Budget 2022-23. The first of the firsts is that this is the only Budget in recent memory when the finance minister’s speech was not disturbed even once. The usual shoutings for this or that segment, or for states were

Relevance of Water in India’s Economic Growth: Need for a Diplomatic Outreach

Water is essential for the life in more than one ways. Besides the drinking purpose its centrality for the agriculture, in an agrarian society, is highly established. In this connection, it is important to note that water, pa

Strengthening India through Women-centric Policy Interventions

One day, Sage Durvasa offered Indra a garland of flowers. Indra annoyed by the bees surrounding the garland threw it to the floor which enraged Goddess Lakshmi. The Goddess of wealth upset with Indra left the Devaloka and the gods started losing powe

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