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America’s Diplomatic Boycott Policy for Beijing Olympics

No bigger international sport event than the Olympics escaped from the impact of the on-going pandemic when the global event scheduled to be held in Tokyo in 2020 was postponed for a year and finally held in 2021 amid plenty of protocols in place and

China Central Economic Work Conference Flags the Difficulties Ahead

China’s important annual Central Economic Work Conference was held in Beijing from December 8 – 10, 2021. The conference is an important forum where Chinese leaders map out the country’s economic priorities for the coming year and when analysts

Views of Chinese Experts on Sino-US Relations

As China’s economic situation becomes more difficult and its aggressive policies increase tensions in its neighbourhood, the Chinese leadership is concerned at the turn that its relations with the US are taking. This has generated renewed discuss

China Raises its strategic profile in Horn of Africa and IOR

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi kept up the tradition of Chinese leaders visiting Africa at the beginning of the year. For 32 years, this tradition has been in vogue and the Chinese FM, between 4 and 7 January, visited Eritrea, Kenya and Comoros in

Some Chinese Assessments of India’s Geo-economic and Foreign Policies

A good indication of Chinese thinking on India is discernible from the Chinese print and social media. While China’s English-language publications, like China Daily and Beijing Review, are intended for the English-speaking foreign audience, the Chi

What the CCP Wants from its Media

On December 15, 2021 the All China Journalists Association (ACJA) organized a conference in Beijing. The Conference was attended by Xi Jinping who spoke to the participants and the winners of the China Journalism Awards. At the Conference the head of

Xi Jinping’s New Security Satraps

China’s powerful security apparatus has become even more important for Xi Jinping as he makes a bid for a third term at China’s helm at the upcoming 20th Party Congress in 2022. The unease and dissatisfaction simmering just below the surface make

Purges in Security Apparatus Indicate Xi Jinping Faces Resistance

The months till the 20th Party Congress scheduled for late next year are fraught with risk for China and its neighbours. It is a particularly crucial year for Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is trying to secure a third term, unprecedented since Mao

China’s Expanding Twitter Diplomacy

Twitter has emerged as a powerful social media tool/platform in the 21st century's modern diplomacy. Chinese diplomatic offices and their personnel have increased their presence on Twitter to promote their narrative and propaganda with a global audie

Lack of Political Will at COP26 led to a Weak Outcome

How should one assess the outcome of the much-hyped COP26? Even a cursory reading of the outcome document[1] adopted by COP26 shows how weak the result has been. The COP br

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