International Relations/Diplomacy
Sino-Tajik Relations: An Unequal Partnership

The narrative about the ‘peaceful Rise of China’ is ironic. China has border disputes with all its neighbours. Some of these issues have been addressed, while some still exist. For example, its border dispute with India is a critical issue affect

China Intensifies Campaign to Assimilate Tibetans into Mainstream Han Culture

Tibet appears poised to initiate a vigorous campaign aimed at assimilating the Tibetan ethnic minority into the Han national mainstream. An important speech by Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) Party Secretary Wu Yingjie, at a meeting of the District Par

Afghanistan's Uncertain Future and Its Implications for China-Pakistan Relations

The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan will have a profound impact on Asian geopolitics and international relations at large. China-Pakistan relations are also undergoing steady change as both seek to maximise their influence, security and economic int

China Studies’ Coming of Age Story in Taiwan and A few Pointers for India

In her 2006 Report on China Studies in India, Madhavi Thampi pointed out that there is a lack of depth and rigour in China centric research within India1. Much does not seem to have changed as she noted the similar observation in her Janua

Xi Jinping Visit to Tibet is Important and has Implications for India

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) at Nyingchi’s Mainling Airport on July 21 at the start of a two-day (July 21-23) visit, without prior public notice. The visit, which comes shortly before the 70th anniversar

Deepening Democracy in Taiwan under Democratic Progressive Party

The consolidation and deepening of democracy in Taiwan as evident from the regular and periodic elections and peaceful transfer of political baton from one political party to another speak volume of the democratic culture and tradition of Taiwan. The

Japan’s Defence White Paper 2021: China Riled by Mention of Taiwan Strait

On 13 July 2021, Japan issued the 2021 Defense White Paper. One significant mention for the first time is the need to maintain stability in the Taiwan Strait, which is threatened by increasing Chinese military incursions on the Taiwanese waters. The

Xi Jinping’s Centenary Speech Exudes Confidence and Determination

Centenaries are celebrated around the world. These are occasions for special celebration when it is the centenary of the ruling political party, as well as an opportunity for it to share its assessment of the journey thus far and give a broad sense o

कोलंबो पोर्ट सिटी परियोजना एवं भारतीय सरोकार

निकटस्थ पड़ोसी के रूप में भारत और श्रीलंका दोनों ही अपने व्यापक द्विपक्षीय संबंधों का लाभ उठात

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