International Relations/Diplomacy
One Year of Chinese Aggression: Case of Unintended Consequences

The consequences or outcomes of any deliberate aggression can never be foreseen in exactitude, many will be unintended and many a time unanticipated and with unexpected drawbacks. Indeed, many outcomes will have unexpected benefits, that can f

China and South Asian Neighborhood

In an effort to build stronger linkages with South Asian countries China has emerged as a major supplier of economic resources that is infrastructure projects investments as well as military hardware and technology. This is understood in terms of Chi

Signs of Disquiet in Chinese Communist Party as 20th Congress Draws Near

Amid efforts by Chinese President Xi Jinping to marshal resources to imprint his image on people's minds as one among those in the pantheon of China's Greats, there are signs of possible disquiet in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The 20th C

China-Central Asia Relations

Since the Soviet disintegration, Chinese activities in Central Asia grew leaps and bounds. China has penetrated deep into economic and strategic spheres of these countries with its ambitious Belt and Road projects. However, with the increasing Chines

Pandemic, LAC and the Rest of 2021

At the turn of 2020, no geopolitical soothsayer could have predicted the course of the next 18 months. The cumulated sprint of events of 2020 and four and a half months of 2021 have been simply catastrophic. On 31 Dec 2019, when China alerted WHO to

China’s Communist Party Revises its History yet again in time for use by Xi Jinping

History and the power of the narrative have always been important to authoritarian regimes. Communist regimes have elevated their importance by using them to indoctrinate entire generations with sanitised versions of events authorised by those in pow

Domestic and International Implications of China’s Digital Yuan

The concept of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) seems to have gained traction over the past few years and is well past the stage of conception. With around 86% of the world's central banks engaged in CBDC related wo

The Democracy Conundrum in Hong Kong

The National People’s Congress of China earlier this year, passed sweeping legislative measures which increases, among others, the composition of the Election Committee of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSR) to 1500 from existing 1200 an

Tibet is Headed for Major Changes

The People's Daily on March 25, 2021, published a lengthy 3975-character article authored by Che Dalha (in Chinese: Qi Zala), Chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR). Che Dalha’s important article, which included nine mentions of Xi Jinping,

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