Neighbourhood Studies
बांग्लादेशः पचास वर्षों की यात्रा

बांग्लादेश के लिए 16 दिसम्बर 1971 एक ऐतिहासिक तवारीख है। इस दिन को पाकिस्तानी सेना की पराजय और इसके

Bangladesh- Journey of Fifty Years

16 December 1971 is a historic day for Bangladesh. This day has been celebrated as the Victory Day to mark the defeat of the Pakistani forces and its emergence as an independent Bangladesh. This year is especially significant as it marks the golden j

Surely not a Faux Pas-China warns Bangladesh against Joining the QUAD

It is out in the open and it took a Chinese ambassador to Bangladesh to say it straight. China does not want Bangladesh to join the QUAD. On 10 May 2021, Chinese ambassador to Bangladesh Li Jiming said Beijing-Dhaka ties would be “substantially dam

India Bangladesh the Mitali (friendship) Journey

The Mitali Express scheduled to run between Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Jalpaiguri (India, West Bengal) will be inaugurated by PM Modi and PM Sheikh Hasina on the 27th morning during PM Modi’s two days trip to Dhaka (26-27 March 2021). This visit is spe

भारत और बांग्लादेश: मजबूत और घनिष्ठ पड़ोसी

बांग्लादेश के विदेश मंत्री एके अब्दुल मोमिन ने हाल ही में कहा कि ‘भारत के साथ बांग्लादेश के बेह

India and Bangladesh: The Rock Solid Neighbours

The latest iteration by Bangladeshi Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen that ‘Bangladesh's relations with India is rock-solid and historic while Bangladesh has economic ties with China. We must not compare,’ and ‘Our victory means India's victory

Time to Focus on Success Stories of India-Bangladesh Relations

The recent controversy over India-Bangladesh relations is a reminder to the Indian planners to review their communication strategy – an area where China excels. Indeed, if good news made headlines, the bilateral relations had some solid achievement

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