Neighbourhood Studies
Prime Minister Modi’s Visit to Bangladesh - A Review

Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid an extremely successful 2-day visit to Bangladesh on June 6&7 2015 that was not only a high profile bilateral visit but was equally rich in substantive content and deliverable out come. As mentioned in our pre-visit

India and Bangladesh: The Importance of Seizing the Moment

Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, in an interview on the eve of his visit had likened the unanimous ratification of the LBA and its Protocol by the Indian Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha to the fall of the Berlin Wall. How relevant is this analogy?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Upcoming Visit to Bangladesh

Prime Minister Modi, as part of his continuing neighbourhood outreach agenda that began with his visit to Bhutan followed by visits to Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Seychelles, will be paying a two-day visit to Bangladesh from June 6 to 7, 2015. Unl

Bangladesh-India Land Boundary Agreement 1974 and Protocol thereunder of 2011 Some personal insights

The unanimity with which the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha finally, on May 6 and 7 respectively this year, passed the Bangladesh-India Land Boundary Agreement, 1974 and the Protocol thereunder of 2011 was indeed a historic, game-changing development in t

Sushma Swaraj’s Bangladesh Visit: A Good Start to “Neighbours First” Policy in Dhaka

Introduction Termed as a “goodwill visit”, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj led her first international visit to Bangladesh on 25 June accompanied by Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh and other senior officials. The visit marked th

Violence Against Minority Hindus in Bangladesh: An Analysis

Introduction Bangladesh was born in 1971 premised on a secular and democratic ethos as paragraph 2 of the preamble of the first constitution of Bangladesh which was adopted on November 4, 1972 accepted ‘nationalism’, ‘socialism’,

Indo Bangladesh Relations

Introduction Pakistan Army surrendered to the Indian Army in Dacca on 16 December 1971. It was a victory which resulted in the creation of a new nation Bangladesh which found its rightful place in the committee of nations. India withdrew it

War Crime Trials: Bangladesh on the Edge

The 1971 Liberation War in Bangladesh has been the worst chapter in Bangladesh’s history that witnessed genocide, rape and murder at the hands of the army of West Pakistan and their collaborators in East Pakistan (present day Bangladesh). This re

Political Impasse over the Caretaker Government in Bangladesh

The Caretaker Government that was a unique feature of Bangladesh’s democracy was in place over the years to oversee elections in a country that has a history of military coups, political assassinations and electoral fraud. Historically, democracy h

Politics of Corruption in Bangladesh

Corruption is rampant in Bangladesh in almost every sphere of life. However, a series of high profile corruption scandals, such as in the Padma Bridge project, the Railway Scandal, the Hall Mark Group scam, Destiny Group and last year’s share marke

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