Neighbourhood Studies
Minorities in Peril in Bangladesh

‘My civilisation is lost. My lifetime of worshipping has gone in vain. I am a lost man and lost I will be…Please save my future generation! Please’ cried Satyapriya Mahathero, the second senior most Buddhist monk in Bangladesh. The 83-year old

Seize the Chance with Dhaka

The first India-Bangladesh Joint Consultative Commission meeting held at the minister level on May 7 and at the foreign secretary level on July 24 are a convenient inflexion point to assess the trend of ties between both countries. Regrettably, neith

Illegal Migration as a Threat to India’s Internal Security

Among other things, one of the major aspects that have come out of the recent communal violence in Bodo areas of Assam is illegal migration. According to the Group of Ministers Report on National Security, illegal migration

has generated

Dialectics of Tipaimukh Dam: Issues and Concerns

Tipaimukh dam projected to be made at the cost of around Rupees 9000 crores with the aim of generating around 1500 MW of electricity and moderate floods downstream has again become a controversial political issue between India and Bangladesh. With In

Analysing the Attempted Military Coup in Bangladesh

The civil-military relations in Bangladesh have always been unstable, in a country that has been marred by numerous military coups in the past. The Bangladeshi army has been known for factionalism and politicization of its forces. The recent revelati

Forty Years of Bangladesh Liberation: Quite Young

Bangladesh has celebrated its forty years of liberation from Pakistan on 16 December2011. Anniversaries are very important in personal as well as collective life because it provides an opportunity to think about the time gone by and an opportu

Indo-Bangladesh Defence Cooperation: Op Sampriti and Beyond

When Sheikh Hasina’s government in Dhaka reciprocated in almost full measure to Indian overtures by apprehending and repatriating important Indian insurgent leaders billeting in her country, the doors opened not only for improved bilateral cooperat

Impressions from a Young Professionals’ Workshop on Future Direction of Indo-Bangladesh Relationship

The conclusion of Indian Prime Minister’s two day visit to Dhaka has offered an opportunity to scholars, analysts and academicians to debate and discuss about future direction of India-Bangladesh relationship. Success and failure of the visit is me

PM’s Bangladesh Visit: Not A Game Changer

Prime Minister’s visit to Bangladesh from September 6th to 7th was a once in a life time opportunity to place India-Bangladesh ties on an irreversibly upward trajectory. The imperative for seizing this opportunity at the earliest arises from the fa

Plight of Hindus in Bangladesh: Some Recent Trends

All is not well with the minorities in Bangladesh, especially the Hindus. One of the major election planks of the Awami League (AL) during the last general elections of 2008 was its assurance of securing the rights of the minorities of Bangladesh and

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