पाकिस्तान में बढ़ती चीनी नौसेना की पैठ

Dr Teshu Singh, Associate Fellow, VIF

चीन का जिवानी कार्यक्रम हाल ही में, मीडिया रिपोर्ट्स के अनुसार यह संभावना जताई जा रही ह

Neighbourhood Studies, China, Hindi

Commentary: Implications of Pakistan on the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Grey List

Maj Gen (Retd.) P K Chakravorty

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) The ‘Group of Seven’ countries, commonly referred as G-7, was conceptualised prior to the 1973 oil crisis. It started with an informal meeting between the US Secretary of the Treasury and

Terrorism, National Security and Strategic Studies

रक्षा बजट 2018-19 की एक झलक

G. Mohan Kumar, Distinguished Fellow, VIF

रक्षा बजट 2018-19 में, पिछले वर्ष की तुलना में कोई विशेष फ़र्क नहीं है। कुल 4,04,365 करोड़ के परिव्यय, जिसमें

National Security and Strategic Studies, Defence, Hindi

Commentary: PLA Navy’s Major Exercise in the South China Sea: An Analytical Perspective

Brig Vinod Anand, Senior Fellow, VIF

The massive People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy exercises conducted in the second week of April near Hainan and further east, and review of the same by President Xi Jinping come in the wake of evolving strategic situation at the global and regional

Neighbourhood Studies, China

A Social and Psychological Approach to Conflict Management in Jammu and Kashmir

Brig Narender Kumar

People of the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) region practiced Hinduism, Buddhism and Zoroastrianism at the time when Islam entered the Kashmir Valley. One aspect that remained constant in Kashmir was that in spite of the arrival of foreign Sufi Saints such

Jammu & Kashmir, National Security and Strategic Studies

हिन्द महासागर में चीन द्वारा समुद्री-आधारभूत संरचना से जुडी परियोजनाओं का संचालन: ऋण एवं पट्टेदारी समझौते

Dr Vijay Sakhuja

हिन्द महासागर से जुड़े समकालीन विमर्श में आर्थिक गलियारों, जुडाव और बंदरगाह परियोजनाएं और साथ ह

Neighbourhood Studies, China, Hindi

Securitization of BIMSTEC can protect the Blue Economy of Bay of Bengal

Arvind Gupta, Director - VIF

The riches of the Ocean rival the wealthiest economies of the world. According to an estimate made by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) the ocean assets can be valued at 24 trillion USD with an annual turnover in goods and services of around 2.5 trillion

Economic Studies

Who is Pushing Dalai Lama to Surrender to China?

Vijay Kranti

Dr. Lobsang Sangay’s attempt to present Dalai Lama’s return to a Chinese ruled Tibet as the monk’s “last unfulfilled dream”, and his call to Tibetan people for making this ‘dream’ of Dalai Lama a reality deserves a closer scrutiny by th

Governance and Political Studies

India’s Nordic Outreach

Amb Anil Trigunayat, Distinguished Fellow, VIF

En route to UK for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be visiting Sweden on April 16 & 17. It will be a bilateral visit, with multilateral engagements, for the first Indo-Nordic Summit at St

International Relations and Diplomacy, Europe