Neighbourhood Studies
RISS-VIF Dialogue on Afghanistan

The Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (RISS), Moscow, hosted Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) at Moscow on 24-25 September 2019, for a two-day Round Table Conference (RTD) on ‘Afghanistan Crisis and the Problems of its Settlement: Prospects of Russia-India Cooperation in Afghanistan;

Women’s Rights in Afghanistan: A Long Struggle Ahead

… there is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women, no policy is more important in preventing conflict, or in achieving reconciliation after a conflict has ended .. international community must continue to provide the necessary funding and use its leverage to improve gender equality, women’s security, and their participation in public life. An isolated and neglected Afghanistan will only breed violent extremism, terrorism, and instability in the whole region …

Afghanistan Manoeuvres: Sense and Nonsense of Talking to Taliban

… every stake holder for Afghanistan’s democracy, stability and progress appreciates the severe consequences of the Taliban assuming power … also understand that even in a power sharing arrangement between the legitimate, democratic Government and the supposedly reformed and accommodative factions of the Taliban, the latter, given its fanatic instincts, would have to be kept in close observation, and guaranteed intervention if necessary … in this context, there are many nuances to the Afghanistan manoeuvres which need to be considered in the background of past, present and future ...

The Afghanistan Conundrum

… for the United States, pushing the Taliban to join peace talks with Kabul is paramount to ending its 17-year long involvement in the war. But perhaps Washington's biggest problem will be figuring out how to balance the Taliban's demand for a complete withdrawal of U.S. and allied forces … whatever happens there will be huge geopolitical implications …

Revival of Peace Initiatives in Afghanistan: Implications for India

Introduction Seventeen years have passed since the American forces entered Afghanistan in October 2001 and ousted the Taliban. The massive crackdown forced the Al-Qaeda and the Taliban leaders to melt into Pakistan, where they replenished their depleted forces to restart the war on the western forces and the nascent Afghan government.

Brainstorming Session on Afghanistan

Security situation in Afghanistan faces greater challenges. Besides the Taliban, the rise of ISIS opens up another front for the embattled Afghan state. At a time when the Afghan national election draws closer, security challenges necessitate greater assistance and coordination of efforts from Washington, whose South Asia strategy was unveiled last year with the aim of forcing the Taliban to the negotiating table.

Indian Engagement with Afghanistan: An Economic Perspective

… Indian assistance in Afghanistan is focused on, ‘Afghan led, Afghan owned and controlled,’ projects … India’s Small Development Projects are spread all over the country … economic development is the basic foundation for peace in Afghanistan … it has to be owned, led and controlled by them - a point emphasised by Indian policy makers … external actors particularly China and Pakistan have a limited role in that …

Current Military Situation in Afghanistan

... insurgency in Afghanistan is a political problem; the military can create the right conditions for diplomatic talks to begin ... currently, Taliban is in no mood to negotiate ... Taliban who are ready to come around must be granted favourable options ... All this will take time and a lot of patience ... Finally, a favourable situation would emerge only if the US and NATO continue to stay and guide the ANSF ...

Round Table Discussion on Afghanistan

A Round Table Discussion (RTD) on Afghanistan’s current situation and the way forward was held at the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) on 15 Nov 2017. The panel of discussants included a broad array of security and foreign policy experts, including Dr Arvind Gupta, Director, VIF, Amb Amar Sinha, India’s former Ambassador to Afghanistan, Lt Gen Ravi Sawhney, Amb Prabhat Shukla, among other experts.

Afghanistan- Pakistan Transit Trade

Abstract The transit trade problems of Afghanistan are typical to any other landlocked country. As a landlocked country, Afghanistan has relied on Pakistan for its international trade. However, the transit trade of Afghanistan has remained unstable akin to escalated political relations between the two countries. Given economic importance of access to sea, the landlocked countries continued to raise their voice at the United Nations.

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