Neighbourhood Studies
Round Table Discussion on Afghanistan

VIF organized a round table discussion focusing on Afghanistan on 11th October 2013. Participants in the discussion included Mr. Ajit Doval, KC, Director VIF, Gen. (retd) N. C. Vij, Lt. Gen. (retd) Ravi Sawhney, Amb G. Parthasarathy, Amb Satish Chandra, Amb Prabhat P Shukla, Amb Arvind Gupta, Amb Vivek Katju, Amb T.C. Rangachari, Maj. Gen. (retd) S. Thapliyal, Brig. (Retd) Ravi Bhonsle, Brig. (Retd) Vinod Anand, and Mr. Sushant Sareen.

VIF at Herat Security Dialogue –II

Lt. Gen Ravi Sawhney, Distinguished Fellow and Sushant Sareen, Senior Fellow, VIF, were invited by the Afghan Institute of Strategic Studies to attend the prestigious Second Herat Security Dialogue on 5-6, October, 2013. Around 80 foreign delegates from countries of the region and beyond and a similar number of Afghan delegates participated in the conference. The Dialogue was organized with the cooperation of the Afghan government and the local authorities at the historic 3000 year fort, Ikhtiyaruddin Citadel. Notable among the absentees were the US and Pakistani delegations.

Interaction on Evolving Situation in Afghanistan

On 18 April 2013, Mr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali, Afghanistan’s Ambassador to India interacted with members of the VIF faculty on contemporary developments in Afghanistan. He spoke on the ongoing political, security and economic transition. He gave his perspective on reconciliation efforts with the Taliban. He also covered the interests and its manifestations of its neighbours. The VIF faculty highlighted the Indian interests and objectives in Afghanistan and the developmental efforts which have won popular support.

VIF Delegation Visits Beijing for Seminar on “Afghanistan Post 2014; Perspectives from the Region”

A five member VIF delegation led by Mr. Ajit Doval and comprising of Amb. PP Shukla, Gen. (Retd.) NC Vij, Lt.Gen. (Retd.) Ravi Sawhney and Brig. (Retd.) Vinod Anand visited Beijing from 13 to 15 March 2013 to participate in a seminar and interact with some of the think tanks of China.

VIF-RUSI-CICIR International Seminar on “Afghanistan Post - 2014 : Perspectives from the Region”

Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) organised a Seminar on “Afghanistan Post 2014- Perspectives from the Region” on 30th Nov 2012, in which experts from RUSI (Royal United Services Institute), CICIR (China Institute of Contemporary International Relations) and VIF took part. Mr Alexander Neill along with Mr Mathew Willis represented the RUSI, while the delegation from CICIR was led by their Vice President Dr. Feng Zhongping along with Dr. Hu Shisheng, Dr. Fu Xiaoqiang, Dr. Wang Shida and Mr. Han Liqun. From the VIF’s side, Joint Director,VIF, Amb. P. P.

The State of Public Education in Afghanistan: Political Problems, and Future Prospects

The advent of the 21st century marked a unique era for Afghanistan. Presumably, an end was put to the wearisome conflict in late 2001, and a new chapter full of unprecedented and complicated pages was opened. Surviving every hardship in the last moments of the 20th century, the education sector of the country, like the other sectors, became the focal point of the international communities and aid agencies. In other words, following the immediate installation of the new government in 2002, high priority was given to the education sector.

Interaction with a U.S. Delegation on ‘US and Indian Roles in Afghanistan’

Representatives from Monitor 360, a US-based consultancy firm executing a project for the US Department of Defence and engaged in research and study of global strategic and analytical challenges, visited VIF on Feb 14, 2012. Their visit ostensibly aimed at exploring perceptions among India’s strategic elite regarding the US and Indian Roles in Afghanistan as a result of the US drawdown. The Monitor 360 team held an exhaustive interaction with Mr.

Interaction on 'European Perspective on Afghanistan Situation'

Dr Klaus Lange and Dr Klara Knapp, both from the Institute of Transnational Studies, Munich, visited Vivekananda International Foundation on Jun 22, 2011 for an informal discussion on the evolving dynamics in Af-Pak region, especially from an European perspective. They interacted with senior faculty members of VIF which included among others Mr. Ajit Doval, Director, Lt Gen RK Sawhney, and Brig Vinod Anand. The views presented by Dr. Klaus Lange underscored Europe’s declining interests in managing global affairs, largely because of its increasingly fragile economy.

Interaction with Ambassador Niclas Trouve

The Indian view on the situation in Afghanistan and the future of the country was examined. In addition to the Indian perspective, the views of other countries, like Pakistan, Iran, Russia and Central Asian countries on the current situation in Afghanistan were highlighted. The influence of Pakistan in the stability of Afghanistan was also analysed in great detail. The internal developments in Pakistan as well as its interference in the pursuit of its policy of strategic depth in Afghanistan were deliberated upon.

Afghanistan Beyond the London Conference

A two-day seminar was organized by the VIF on March 11-12, 2010 that turned a laser beam focus on various security, strategic and foreign policy aspects of Afghanistan after the London Conference. The seminar “Afghanistan Beyond the London Conference: India’s Options” was held over three sessions, two on March 11 and one on March 12.

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