Fumio Kishida’s Priorities and India-Japan Relations

On 29th September 2021 when Fumio Kishida emerged as the winner in a struggle for party leadership the issue of next Prime Ministership of Japan was unequivocally settled. The election was necessitated by Yoshihide Suga’s announcement to step down

War, Nationalism and Yasukuni Shrine

Yasukuni Jinja1, as the famous Shinto shrine is known is a quiet, serene and idyllic place in the middle of Tokyo’s Chiyoda-Ku. Local neighbouring residents, school children, young and elderly visit every day some time to pray and sometimes just to

युद्ध, ओलंपिक और राष्ट्रवाद

अंततः टोक्यो ओलंपिक 2020 के भव्य समारोह का शुभ आरंभ हो ही गया। तीन घंटे का यह शुरुआती समारोह इस पृथ�

War, Olympics and Nationalism

Finally the Tokyo Olympics 2020 are off to a grand start with a spectacular show of opening ceremony that lasted for three hours as the grandest show on earth that the human history has ever seen. Since then the event has been a centerpiece of televi

Why it is Important for Japan to hold Olympic Games 2021

Had it not been for the COVID-19 and Abe Shizo’s ill health, Tokyo Olympic 20201 would have been a crowning glory on the political career of modern Japan’s most consequential Prime Minister. Alas! That was not to be. Showcasing Japan as the world

Yoshihide Suga’s Tryst with India

When Prime Minster Abe Shinzo laid down his office in August 2020 rather suddenly it sent shock waves of anxiety among most Japan watchers, policy planners and the political elite in India. Everyone wondered as to what could be the future of this bur

Shinzo Abe’s “Broader Asia” and India Japan Relations

In the post war political history of Japan, no Prime Minister has ever evoked so much global media, political, diplomatic, and popular attention as Shinzo Abe while in office and more remarkably in the sudden departure from his office. And rightly so

India and Japan: “Lotus Waters in Chrysanthemum Lake”

The conclusion of a defense deal between India and Japan marked a new high in the burgeoning relationship between the two countries. Had it not been for the constrains imposed by the COVID-19 and Prime minister Abe’s announcement to lay down his o

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