VIF Information Alerts - 2nd May 2018

New Science and Technology Policy for National Security
Published: Australian Government
01 May 2018

The Government of Australia, on 01 May 2018, released its...

VIF Information Alerts - 1st May 2018

Ministerial Conference agrees on Regional Maritime Security Mechanisms
Published: The Government of the Republic of Mauritius

30 Apr 2018

In the wake of the...

VIF Information Alerts - 19 April 2018

IMF praises India for using 'right policies' to lower high debt; says control over debt major challenge for China
Published: First Post
19 Apr 2018

India has “...

VIF Information Alerts - 18 April 2018

US-India partnership should focus on closer collaboration on security interests like maritime domain awareness, says Admiral Philip S Davidson
Published: The Financial...

VIF Information Alerts - 17 April 2018

Japan and China try to reset relations in shadow of Trump’s trade war threat
Published: South China Morning Post
16 Apr 2018

VIF Neighbourhood News Digest: 16th April, 2018


Pakistan rejects Indian charge about envoy’s visit to Gurdwara: Dawn
April 16, 2018

VIF Information Alerts - 16 April 2018

India must look towards US, not Russia & China: US Under Secretary Mark Menezes
Published: The Economic Times
16 Apr 2018

As the US steps up the heat on...

VIF Information Alerts - 13 April 2018

India, China join ranks to negotiate with oil producers for better bargain
Published: Business Standard

13 Apr 2018

Two of the world’s top three oil consumers...

VIF Information Alerts - 12 April 2018

Not only F-16 fighters, Lockheed ready to make Javelin missiles in India
Published: The Economic Times
12 Apr 2018

With the Indian Air Force beginning the...

VIF Information Alerts - 11 April 2018

First India-Nordic summit to boost ties with 5 nations
Published: The Economic Times
11 Apr 2018

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