VIF Information Alerts - 13 April 2018

India, China join ranks to negotiate with oil producers for better bargain
Published: Business Standard

13 Apr 2018

Two of the world’s top three oil consumers...

VIF Information Alerts - 12 April 2018

Not only F-16 fighters, Lockheed ready to make Javelin missiles in India
Published: The Economic Times
12 Apr 2018

With the Indian Air Force beginning the...

VIF Information Alerts - 11 April 2018

First India-Nordic summit to boost ties with 5 nations
Published: The Economic Times
11 Apr 2018

VIF Information Alerts - 10 April 2018

'Impossible': China denies planning military base in Vanuatu
Published: The Guardian
10 Apr 2018

VIF Information Alerts - 09 April 2018

Ex-Pakistani diplomat, two others on NIA ‘wanted list’ for conspiring to launch 26/11-type attacks: Report
Published: Financial Express
09 Apr 2018

VIF Information Alerts - 06 April 2018

India is Close to Buying a Russian Missile System, Despite U.S. Sanctions
Published: The New York Times
05 Apr 2018

India’s defense minister is visiting Moscow...

VIF Information Alerts - 05 April 2018

Trump administration announces new strategy in the Pacific and it's a big warning to China
Published: Business Insider
04 Apr 2018

VIF Information Alerts - 04 April 2018

Mixed response to India’s neighbourhood outreach
Published: The Hindu
03 Apr 2018

VIF Information Alerts - 03 April 2018

Saudi crown prince recognizes Israel’s right to exist, talks up future ties
Published: The Times of Israel
02 Apr 2018

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman,...

VIF Information Alerts - 02 April 2018

PM-in-exile urges Tibetans to make Dalai Lama's return 'a reality'
Published: The Guardian
01 Apr 2018

Tibetans should redouble their efforts to “reunite” the...

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