VIF Information Alerts - 19 July 2018

US offers India armed version of Guardian drone: Sources

Published: Hindustan Times
18 Jul 2018

VIF Information Alerts - 18 July 2018

Russian MoD Ready to Discuss START Treaty, Intensify Contacts

Published: Sputnik
17 Jul 2018

VIF Information Alerts - 17 July 2018

India, Iran hold foreign office consultations
Published: The New Indian Express
17 Jul 2018

India and Iran held the 15th round of Foreign Office consultations...

VIF Information Alerts - 16 July 2018

Trump names EU a ‘global foe’, raps media before Putin summit
Published: The Hindu
16 Jul 2018

VIF Information Alerts - 13 July 2018

World Bank says India beat France to become sixth largest economy: Report
Published: Business Standard
11 Jul 2018

VIF Information Alerts - 10 July 2018

Merkel Lauds China's Market Opening in Trade Rebuff to Trump
Published: Bloomberg
09 Jul 2018

VIF Information Alerts - 09 July 2018

Tejas misses another deadline for being fully combat-ready
Published: The Times of India
09 Jul 2018

The indigenous Tejas fighter, first approved way back in...

VIF Information Alerts - 06 July 2018

China 'ready to fight back' as US begins trade war
Published: The Guardian
06 Jul 2018

A long-threatened trade war between the US and China got underway on...

VIF Information Alerts - 05 July 2018

Iran to only trade with countries that import its oil
Published: The New Indian Express
05 Jul 2018

In the wake of threats from the United States (US) to reduce...

VIF Information Alerts - 04 July 2018

China presses EU for anti-US alliance on trade, faces resistance
Published: The Asian Age
04 Jul 2018

China is putting pressure on the European Union to issue a...

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