Discussion on ‘India’s Recent Foreign Policy Moves in Wuhan, Sochi, Singapore and Qingdao’
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The Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) held a Round Table Discussion on ‘India’s Recent Foreign Policy Moves in Wuhan, Sochi, Singapore and Qingdao’, with the Director, VIF, moderating the discussions.

Imperatives of whether strategic autonomy was the direction for India to follow were discussed, especially with the increasing unpredictability of international players and great power politics in East Asia between China, Russia, and US. The aftermath of the Dokhlam was analysed to deliberate the recent developments in India-China relations and to chart a balance between competition and cooperation. Discussions revolved around the entry of Chinese investments into India, particularly in infrastructure, while recognising the border disputes between the two countries that negatively affect relations.

Recent developments of US foreign policy, ranging from the Singapore Summit meeting with North Korea, to increasing protectionism, and its withdrawal from key international agreements and the consequent implications for India were discussed.

The strategy of hedging was also deliberated on, about emphasising the importance of maintaining Good relations with all in a world of increasing uncertainty. With India, USA, and China poised to become economic power houses in the new century, it is important for India to frame its foreign policy independently keeping its national security interests in the forefront and not to be drawn into any Great Power rivalries.

India’s foreign policy with regards to East Asia was discussed highlighting India’s position on the Shangri-La dialogue in Singapore. It was appreciated that India has consistently worked in building cooperation in Forums such as East Asian Summit and also bilateral relations between the countries in Indo-Pacific.

Event Date 
June 22, 2018

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