Interaction with Professor Michael Wesley of Australian National University
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At an interaction with the VIF faculty on February 18, 2014, Professor Michael Wesley from Australia spoke on a range of topics including Australia’s foreign policy towards Asia and South Asia, changing power dynamics in Asia and Australian perspectives on trends in international politics. He was accompanied by Deputy High Commissioner of Australia to India Mr. Bernard Philip.

The VIF faculty was keen to understand Australia’s policy towards China and the emerging dynamics in the Asia-Pacific. He opined that earlier Australia was more oriented towards Pacific but of late it has started paying more attention to the Indian Ocean. Mr. Bernard Philip outlined his perspective on the status of the Indo-Australian relations which have been on an ascending trajectory. Australia is also keen to enhance its maritime and naval relationship with India. In addition to a broad survey of what is happening in South Asia, the VIF faculty explained its perspective on the evolving situation in Afghanistan which would have tremendous impact on security environment in the region and beyond.

Event Date 
February 18, 2014
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