VIF Interaction with the Iranian Ambassador to India, HE Mr. Gholam Reza Ansari
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VIF welcomed the Iranian Ambassador to India, HE Mr. Gholam Reza Ansari for an interaction on 28th June 2013. Amb Ansari candidly expressed his views on India-Iran relations, Iranian Presidential elections and Iranian foreign policy with respect to Syria, Afghanistan et al.

Discussing economic relations between India and Iran, Amb Ansari highlighted that there is a greater need to diversify trade in order to strengthen the partnership. He also called for greater exchange and cooperation between business communities from the two nations.

On the outcome of the Presidential elections in Iran, Amb Ansari mentioned that the victory of Hassan Rowhani is not a surprise for the Iranians as it has been portrayed by the global media for the rest of the world. Amb Ansari informed that the new President-elect will seek to form new basis for cooperation in the region and with the West, but with no compromise on principles.

Mr. Ajit Doval, KC, Director VIF, thanked Amb Ansari for the talk and expressed his hope of continuing dialogue between him and the VIF in the future, and establishing scholarly exchanges with think-tanks and academicians from Iran. Amb Ansari thanked VIF and concluded his talk by emphasizing that Iran, irrespective of who is in power, would want to further strengthen its strategic relations with India.

Event Date 
June 28, 2013
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