Interaction on 'Taiwan - Post Election Scenario'
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H.E. Mr. Wenchyi Ong, Representative, Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre, New Delhi, held an informal interaction on Feb 07, 2012 with a panel of eminent strategic experts at VIF. The interaction was primarily focused on the post election scenario in Taiwan, but a number of related subjects such as cross-strait relations, nuances of the ‘one China policy’, defence preparedness of Taiwan, and the bilateral relationship between India and Taiwan also came up for discussion. H.E. Mr. Wenchyi Ong held that the re-election of President Ma Ying-jeou last month was expected to usher in an era of peace and stability between China and Taiwan over the next four years. He further asserted that for the majority Taiwanese independence was no longer a preferred course of action. He also felt that Taiwanese developments would have some effect on developments in Mainland China as well.

As part of reduction of tension between China and Taiwan a more robust engagement between the two countries could be expected. However, this also opens up more strategic space for the international players especially the US and India, vis-à-vis China as well as Taiwan. H.E Mr. Ong also alluded that given India’s deepening engagements with China, it is imperative that more and more people in India study the Mandarin language. He noted rather regrettably that part of the reason for the Indian media going overboard on petty issues vis-à-vis China could be attributed to their ignorance of the Mandarin language. He also offered his country’s support to the Indian intelligentsia in picking up the language. From India’s point of view, Taiwan gains more strategic salience against the backdrop of India’s ‘Look East Policy’.

With Ambassador TCA Rangachari in the chair, the interaction was moderated by Ambassador PP Shukla, Joint Director VIF.

Report prepared by Mr. Sanjay Kumar

Event Date 
February 7, 2012
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