Abe Shinzo
Japan’s Dilemma in Dealing with the Junta in Myanmar

The military takeover of the democratically elected government and the dubious civilian-military power sharing agreement has been criticised by the global community. At a time when Myanmar was navigating through its nascent d....

How is Suga Crafting Japan’s Policies towards Russia?

After Yoshihide Suga became Japan’s Prime Minister following the sudden resignation of Prime Minister Abe Shinzo with little experience in foreign diplomacy, questions were raised if he would be competent to handle Japan’....

Beijing’s New National Security Law: What it means for Hong Kong?

A resurgent China seeking a pie in every corner in the world has chosen to pursue a ruthless policy of expanding its global footprint by cajoling, coercion, policy of economic domination (read BRI), infringing on another country’s territorial sover....

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