Emmanuel Macron
Neighborhood News Digest – 11 September 2023


Islamic Emirate Officials Discuss With Pakistan Reopening Torkham Gate – Tolo News
Local officials in the eastern province of Nangarhar discussed the reopening of Torkham crossing with Pakistani officials. Arafa....

France’s Foray into the Indo-Pacific and its Relevance for India

The Indo-Pacific has suddenly emerged as a theatre of great powers contestation by major stakeholders. Economic and security interests in this construct have driven the stakeholders to seek institutional mechanism with like-m....

Beijing’s New National Security Law: What it means for Hong Kong?

A resurgent China seeking a pie in every corner in the world has chosen to pursue a ruthless policy of expanding its global footprint by cajoling, coercion, policy of economic domination (read BRI), infringing on another country’s territorial sover....

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