Forgotten Dimensions of Strategy: Russia- Ukraine War - Lessons for India

(Given below is the modified version of presentation given by Amb. DB Venkatesh Varma during Prof. Matinuzzaman Zuberi Memorial Lecture, Jawaharlal Nehru University on 7 December 2023.)

Kissinger Syndrome
By the time I joined th....

Director’s Talk on ‘Kautilaya’s Rajmandala Theory’ At Ramanujan College on 28 Oct 2023

The Arthasastra is a detailed treatise on statecraft. The state is at the core of the Arthasastra. The Arthasastra provides advice to the King on how to govern, strengthen and expand the state. Written around 4th century B.C, the Arthasastra....

A talk on India’s National Security Challenges in a Turbulent World at Rashtriya Raksha University on 31 Oct 2023

External environment has become deeply uncertain. The balance of power is shifting. US centred hegemonic order has come under stress. Multilateralism is dysfunctional. Global south is asserting for its voice to be heard. Alliances and partnerships a....

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