Neighbourhood Studies
Sri Lanka
In Aid of a Troubled Maritime Neighbour: India and the Sri Lankan Financial Crisis

India’s neighbourhood is in a churn with both Pakistan and Sri Lanka reeling under severe economic and political crises. While Pakistan, obstinately continues to inflict pain unto itself with its self-defeating obduracy, Sri Lanka finds itself at t

Can Sri Lanka break the Chinese hold?

Sri Lanka a tiny island country in the Indian Ocean has become an example of what Chinese investments can achieve. In the last two decades Sri Lanka has received around 15 billion in investments from China, making it one of the largest investors in t

Sri Lanka's Current Economic and Political Crisis

Sri Lanka in India's neighborhood is reeling under economic, political, and social crisis. To listen to the insightful views on the reasons and implications of current development, join us on the podcast by Shri PM. Heblikar and Cchavi Vasisht.

बेकाबू होती श्रीलंकाई अर्थव्यवस्था; आइएमएफ से मदद की गुहार

श्रीलंका में छाई आर्थिक मंदी हाल के दशकों में सबसे खराब है, जिसने कई परिवारों को गरीबी के मुंह म

Sri Lankan Economy Spiralling out of control; Requests IMF assistance

Sri Lanka’s economic meltdown is one of the worst in recent decades, pushing many families into poverty. The situation is rapidly spiralling out of control with multiple ill prescribed economic policies. The unstable economic crisis is clearly on t

Fresh Impetus to India-Sri Lanka Ties

In a very significant development which will give an impetus to India-Sri Lanka relations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is inaugurating the direct flight from Sri Lanka to Kushinagar on 20th October. A number of high dignitaries and Buddhist monks fr

Colombo Security Conclave Emerges

On 9 August, Prime Minister Modi had the unique distinction of being the first Prime Minister of India to chair a session at the UN Security Council. It was carefully crafted to focus on the important issue of maritime security. It was debated at hig

Colombo Port City Project and Indian Concerns

India and Sri Lanka as two immediate neighbours enjoy broad sustained bilateral ties. Over the two thousand years of coexistence, whole range of issues have dominated the bilateral ties many arising out of the dynamic domestic environment and some f

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