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Sri Lanka
Colombo Security Conclave Emerges

On 9 August, Prime Minister Modi had the unique distinction of being the first Prime Minister of India to chair a session at the UN Security Council. It was carefully crafted to focus on the important issue of maritime security. It was debated at hig

Colombo Port City Project and Indian Concerns

India and Sri Lanka as two immediate neighbours enjoy broad sustained bilateral ties. Over the two thousand years of coexistence, whole range of issues have dominated the bilateral ties many arising out of the dynamic domestic environment and some f

The Uncertainties on Trincomalee Oil Tank Farm and India-Sri Lanka Cooperation

Conflicting reports have been emanating in the public domain on Sri Lanka disengaging India from the Trincomalee oil tank farm development and operational venture. Sri Lanka`s Energy Minister, Udaya Gamanapila is reported to have stated recently that

श्रीलंका: भारत और जापान के साथ समझौते के निरस्तीकरण के बाद क्या?

1 फरवरी को श्रीलंका की सरकार ने भारत और जापान के सहयोग से प्रस्तावित कोलंबो बंदरगाह के पूर्वी

Sri Lanka Presidential Elections: Reinforcement of Security Concerns

As the latest election in Sri Lanka results reveal, issues of national security continues to be predominant for this island’s population. More generic issues of social welfare, gender sensitivity and local development did not find the similar reson

Sri Lanka-US military Ties in the Indo-Pacific

On August 18, Sri Lankan media reported that the United States had decided to suspend bilateral negotiations with Colombo on the controversial Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) until after the presidential election in the island nation1. W

Sri Lanka: Need to Repair Political and Security Architecture

The Easter Sunday Church Bombings (April 21, 2019) in Colombo and other parts of Sri Lanka has altered the internal security situation and the political arithmetic in that country. The Islamic State of Iraq & Syria (ISIS) claimed ownership of the at

Terror Once Again Raises its Ugly Head in Sri Lanka

After just about a decade of peace, on Easter Sunday morning (April 21, 2019), Sri Lanka was rudely shaken by a series of suicide bombing attacks, three of them targeting Church congregations in Colombo and another four at up-market hotels and a gues

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