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Sri Lanka
Terror Once Again Raises its Ugly Head in Sri Lanka

After just about a decade of peace, on Easter Sunday morning (April 21, 2019), Sri Lanka was rudely shaken by a series of suicide bombing attacks, three of them targeting Church congregations in Colombo and another four at up-market hotels and a gues

Jihadi Terror Enters Sri Lanka

Almost exactly ten years after the end of the decades-long civil war in Sri Lanka, a horrendous wave of jihadi terrorism has made a terrifying re-entry. Eight near simultaneous bomb blasts were carried out across the country in Colombo, Negombo, Koch

Sri Lanka Crisis Resolved but Challenges Continue

The political crisis in Sri Lanka has receded following the landmark judgment of the Supreme Court (Dec 14, 2018) restoring the status of the Parliament as it existed on October 24, 2018 before the crisis erupted. The unanimous decision of the 7-memb

Sri Lanka At Cross Roads: Political Crisis Defies Solution

President Maithripala Sirisena’s (MS) palace coup of October 25, 2018, aimed apparently at wresting absolute powers, has obviously failed to achieve its objectives, and in its stead, has created more chaos and confusion. The sacking of a sitting Pr

Japanese Interests in Sri Lanka

Japan has taken an increasing interest in Sri Lanka, with its focus directed towards the port development in the country. Recently, in an interesting development, the Japanese Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera made a two day official visit to Sri Lan

Sri Lanka: Reforms in Policing-Work in Progress

The unfortunate incident of the police shoot out in Kataragama, a town in Monaragla district of south Sri Lanka on the night of 20th January, 2018, stirred up public protests and raised questions on the use of firearms by the police and related aspec

श्रीलंका-पाकिस्तान संबंध - जनरल बाजवा का दौरा

पाकिस्तान पारंपरिक रूप से श्रीलंका के साथ द्विपक्षीय समझौते, विशेष तौर पर रक्षा-सम्बन्धी समझौ

Religious Conflict in Sri Lanka: An Assessment

Sri Lanka’s trauma with communal violence raging in Kandy eased on March 9, 2018. According to media reports (Times of India & Indian express, Mar. 10, 2018), no incidents were reported from the affected neighbourhoods of Kandy since then, although

Commentary: Sri Lanka-Pakistan Relations: Visit of Gen. Bajwa

Pakistan has been traditionally working on enhancing mutual cooperation and strengthening of bilateral relationship, especially focusing on defense ties, with Sri Lanka. On more than one occasion, Sri Lanka has expressed gratitude for Pakistan’s he

दृष्टि से परे: प्रधानमंत्री की यात्रा

अंतरराष्ट्रीय वेसक दिवस के उद्घाटन के लिए भारतीय प्रधानमंत्री की दो दिन (11-12 मई) की श्रीलंका यात

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