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Sri Lanka
Japanese Interests in Sri Lanka

Japan has taken an increasing interest in Sri Lanka, with its focus directed towards the port development in the country. Recently, in an interesting development, the Japanese Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera made a two day official visit to Sri Lan

Sri Lanka: Reforms in Policing-Work in Progress

The unfortunate incident of the police shoot out in Kataragama, a town in Monaragla district of south Sri Lanka on the night of 20th January, 2018, stirred up public protests and raised questions on the use of firearms by the police and related aspec

श्रीलंका-पाकिस्तान संबंध - जनरल बाजवा का दौरा

पाकिस्तान पारंपरिक रूप से श्रीलंका के साथ द्विपक्षीय समझौते, विशेष तौर पर रक्षा-सम्बन्धी समझौ

Religious Conflict in Sri Lanka: An Assessment

Sri Lanka’s trauma with communal violence raging in Kandy eased on March 9, 2018. According to media reports (Times of India & Indian express, Mar. 10, 2018), no incidents were reported from the affected neighbourhoods of Kandy since then, although

Commentary: Sri Lanka-Pakistan Relations: Visit of Gen. Bajwa

Pakistan has been traditionally working on enhancing mutual cooperation and strengthening of bilateral relationship, especially focusing on defense ties, with Sri Lanka. On more than one occasion, Sri Lanka has expressed gratitude for Pakistan’s he

दृष्टि से परे: प्रधानमंत्री की यात्रा

अंतरराष्ट्रीय वेसक दिवस के उद्घाटन के लिए भारतीय प्रधानमंत्री की दो दिन (11-12 मई) की श्रीलंका यात

Strife in Tamil National Alliance: Pragmatism Precedes Over Politics

“Like a metal abraded by a file, the might of a clan is eroded by enemies within.” -‘Thirukkural’, division 2 (Porul), chapter 89, verse 888 More than 2000 years back, in above quoted words of wisdom, Saint Thiruvalluvar, often reg

Trincomalee: India’s Call

Trincomalee, or ‘Trinco’ in mariners’ jargon, is a unique port which fulfils every ship captain’s dream. It has great depths of water, vast sea room to manoeuvre the largest of ships and provides safety from the elements even in the worst of

तमिल नेशनल अलायंस द्वारा 2017 के बजट की आलोचना – विपक्षी दल के लिए आत्मावलोकन का समय

श्रीलंका के वित्त मंत्री रवि करुणानायके ने 2017 का बजट पहली बार 10 नवंबर को पढ़ा। बजट पर दूसरी चर्चा

Is Swapping Hambantota Port Debt to Equity a Panacea for Sri Lanka’s Debt Crisis?

The Sri Lakan cabinet has approved a proposal under which Sri Lanka will lease 80 percent of the Hambantota Port to Hong Kong-based China Merchants Port Holdings Company (CMPort) for 99 years for $1.12 billion.1 This Framework Agreement was signed on

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