Neighbourhood Studies
How Pakistan Outwitted the US on Taliban Peace

On 15th August, the Taliban, an insurgent group of Jihadi extremists with medieval values, captured Kabul in a bloodless coup. The 3,50,0001 strong army of ANDSF, equipped with far superior weaponry and trained and developed by the US over

The Two Tales of Pakistan’s Geography

Pakistan’s location, for long, has been a source of attraction in America’s foreign policy. However, Pakistan has leveraged its geography to continuously venture into strategic adventures that have endangered global peace and security.

Afghanistan's Uncertain Future and Its Implications for China-Pakistan Relations

The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan will have a profound impact on Asian geopolitics and international relations at large. China-Pakistan relations are also undergoing steady change as both seek to maximise their influence, security and economic int

An Uncertain Outlook for Pakistan’s Economy

Pakistan is a country in which the economy has remained in a perpetual state of crisis. If we look at the track record of Pakistan, we see a problematic situation. Quite categorically we see from human development indicators like health and education

POK: Election or Selection?

POK underwent the 11th general election on 25th July. The outcome held no surprise. It is invariably the party in power in Islamabad, which wins the election in the territory. The outgoing regime of Raja Farouk Haider was elected when PML (N) of Nawa

Pakistan’s Support to Taliban is Behind the Escalating Violence in Afghanistan

At the initiative of Uzbek President Shavket Miriziev, a high-level conference was held in Tashkent on 15-16 July 2021 to discuss connectivity between Central Asia and South Asia. The conference was attended by President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan,

Why are Central Asian Republics wooing Pakistan?

The emerging regional security threats post-US withdrawal from Afghanistan has led to an active engagement between Pakistan and Central Asian republics (CARs). The US and NATO forces were scheduled to be withdrawn from Afghanistan by 11 September 202

Pakistan remains under the scrutiny of FATF

Amidst the changing regional and geopolitical dynamics, Pakistan remains mired in complexities and uncertainties. It continues to remain under the scrutiny of the terror-financing watchdog Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and is under immense press

Origin and Growth of Sino Pak Nexus against India: Suggested Tenets of Indian Response

An Assertive and Proactive India
The Surgical Strike in Uri Sector (20161, Doklam standoff (2017)2 and air strike in Balakot3 have portrayed an assertive and proactive Indian response to the Chinese and Paki

Appalling state of Press Freedom in Pakistan

A strained relationship exists between the media and state in Pakistan. Pakistan has gradually and systematically strengthened a tyrannical grip over freedom of expression1. More sophisticated and complex methods of silencing dissenting v

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