Historical and Civilisational Studies
The Islamic Reception of Yoga

The history of the Muslim world’s engagement with Yoga spans at least about a millennium. The purpose of this essay is to briefly recount some high points in this history, which will help put in perspective the historical interactions between Islam

Shift to Plant Based Proteins to Prevent Future Pandemics

Three consignments of African Pangolin scales have been recently seized at ports in two Southeast Asian countries. On the first day of April, port authorities in Port Kelang, Malaysia confiscated six tons of the contraband packed in a shipping contai

What the World Needs to Revise? – Lessons from Repository of Indian Civilisation’s Thought and Praxis

As we stand amidst a crisis owing to the pandemic caused by the rapid spread of the deadly corona virus, there lie shrouded in ignorance and oversight immense learning for the world from Indian Food Ethics- a discipline where ethics and food collide<

International Day for Monuments & Sites 2020: The Indian Scenario

In 1983, the 22nd General Conference of the UNESCO approved the establishment of the International Day for Monuments and Sites by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), the only global NGO that works for the conservation and prote

Rare eBooks on VIF Website

Majumdar, R.C., Ancient Indian Colonies in the Far East, Volume I: Champa, Greater India Society Publication, Lahore: The Punjab Sanskrit Book Depot, 1927.
The book deals with the Indian connection with the ancient kingdom of Cha

भारत में COVID-19: रणनीति मानव व्यवहार पर केंद्रित होनी चाहिए

कोरोना वायरस महामारी से उपजे वैश्विक संकट के मद्देनजर, जिम ओ'नील की भारतीय शासन व्यवस्था के बार

Insights from Sri Ramakrishna

Indian scriptures and texts contain a rich fund of ideas that can help us navigate through the practical-moral labyrinth of life. Modern saints continue to illumine our minds with insightful solutions to ethical problems. No exception in this respect

COVID-19 in India: Strategy Has to Address Human Behavior

In the wake of the global crisis triggered by the novel Coronavirus pandemic, Jim O’Neill’s comments about Indian governance was not only uncharitable but also uncalled for.1 The discussion was about how Western countries should learn

व्यावहारिक देशभक्ति: स्वामी विवेकानंद की 157वीं जयंती पर उनकी स्मृति

दिसंबर 1892 में स्वामी विवेकानंद तत्कालीन त्रावणकोर रियासत की राजधानी त्रिवेंद्रम की यात्रा कर

Practical Patriotism: Remembering Swami Vivekananda on his 157th birth anniversary

In December 1892, Swami Vivekananda was visiting Trivandrum, the capital of the then Princely State of Travancore. This was right before his visit to Kanyakumari, where, during the Christmas of 1892, sitting on “the last bit of Indian rock”

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