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चीन के साथ नेपाल की रणनीतिक संधि

नेपाली प्रधानमंत्री केपी शर्मा ओली की हालिया 20 से 27 मार्च के बीच हुई चीन यात्रा के दौरान नेपाल न

Chinese Submarines for The Bangladesh Navy An Assessment

The Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, in December 2015, announced that ‘two submarines would be added to Bangladesh Navy by the middle of the next year’, i.e., 20161. The Prime Minister was speaking at the passing out parade of

Upgraded Sino-Pak Relationship Increases Pressure on India

At times individual events irreversibly change the dynamics of regional geopolitics and texture of bilateral relations. Xi Jinping’s well publicised two day (April 20-21, 2015) visit to Pakistan, barely three weeks prior to Indian Prime Minister Na

Third Anniversary of Xi’s China Dream

"Everyone is talking about a China Dream. I believe the revival of the Chinese nation is the greatest dream of the nation since modern times"1 – Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CCP, 29 November 2012

Looking Back at Sino-Indian Silk Road Cultural Linkages to Look Forward

“Two great civilizations ---India and China --- have been in mutual dialogue for centuries. Both the dialogue as also the distinctiveness have been inspired in no small measure through the spread of Buddhism.Pilgrims from each country have visit

‘China’s Focus on Military Activities in Tibet’

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and the country’s official military media have kept a discernible focus on the activities and exercises of the PLA formations deployed in Tibet in the past some months. The recent round of promotions in

Impressions from a Visit to China: Part II

Tale of Two Chinese Cities The second part of the trip involved a visit to Shenzhen and Guangzhou; one representing the new resurgent, pulsating China throbbing with economic activity and the second depicting both the old and new elements.

Impressions from a Visit to China: Part I

While China had announced the year 2015 as ‘Visit India’ year after the visit of President Xi Jinping to India last September, this year after the visit of Prime Minister Modi to China officials in Beijing are in an overdrive to implement some of

Brief Analysis of Chinese Official Media Reporting on Prime Minister Modi’s Visit to China

Beijing pays especially close attention to border issues and bilateral ties, both of which it regards as sensitive. The Chinese realise that settlement of the border issue is central to any improvement in India-China relations, but have kept it unset

Firm Correctness will yield Positive Results with China

A clear-eyed assessment of the Prime Minister’s visit to China from 14 to 16 May must conclude that it has its pluses, no doubt, but there are also negatives that require attention. This will entail a detailed discussion on three major aspects of t

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