Ebrahim Raisi
Recent Developments in Iran

Join Amb. Anil Trigunayat and Hirak Jyoti Das discuss the recent political developments in Iran and evaluate it's implications on regional security and India's West Asia Policy.

West Asia – Review- June, 2021

Abstract: As the US decided to withdraw some of its defence equipment like Patriot missile batteries from Saudi Arabia and some other countries, it conducted Falcon Claws 4 joint exercises with Saudi land forces. It also retaliated against Hezbollah...

The Raisi Presidency in Iran and its Implications

It is much too early to make out straight away what the well-predicted election of Ebrahim Raisi, the incumbent Chief of Iranian Judiciary, to the Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran is likely to bode for Iran and the world. Since his election...

Iran’s Presidential Elections

The Presidential election in Iran has resulted in Mr. Ebrahim Raisi’s victory by 62 percent of the votes. The election coincided with the talks in Vienna to revive the nuclear deal. Both the events came at a time when the situation in Afghanistan...

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