Visiting Delegations Report - February 2024
Anurag Bisen, Senior Fellow, VIF

The Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) was visited by several delegations during the month of February. These included representatives of nine countries, Europe, and a delegation from the SWIFT. Diverse range of issues were discussed, including the global world order, regional security situation, ongoing conflicts, and India’s bilateral relations with the individual countries. The visiting delegations represented their respective country’s premier think-tanks and institutions, and their insights were greatly beneficial for the Indian participants to gain a firsthand perspective on the relevant issues. On the other hand, the visitors were also briefed about India’s civilizational ethos, and core national security and foreign policy objectives, by an equally eminent panel comprising VIF’s distinguished fellows and research scholars. The report of the visits, in the following paragraphs, is arranged in alphabetical order of the countries represented by the delegation.

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