Taxation and Extortion: A Major Source of Militant Economy in Northeast India
Brig Sushil Kumar Sharma

There are a large numbers of militant groups involved in insurgent activities in Northeast India. Over the years, consequent to the perceived neglect, ethnic and identity insecurity, these groups have been sustaining their ideological struggle. However, with the emergence of multiple groups espousing to fight for the same segment of masses, these erstwhile ideological struggles have mostly degenerated into an economic opportunism. Irrespective of the group, the major source of income happens to be through “Taxation and Extortion”. Of the eight states that form the geographic region of Northeast India, the state of Manipur, presently, has the most comprehensive network of extortion in the country. In order to choke the militant economy, the people, the government machinery and the security forces have to work in consonance.

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