Unblocking of NATO Supply Routes By Pakistan: Logistics or Plain Politics?
Monish Gulati

The flow of oil through NATO's Pakistani supply lines is due to resume soon, one year after the attack by NATO troops on the Pakistani outpost at Salala. The decision comes after the first two test-run tankers passed safely through the Torkham crossing in the beginning of November, 2012. Earlier the logistical supply lines, but not the oil supply lines, were opened in July, 2012. The entire imbroglio has its beginning on 26 November, 2011,when two NATO Apache helicopters, an AC-130 gunship and two F-15E Eagle fighter jets fired upon Pakistani troops at two check posts in the Salala area of Federally Administered Tribal Areas(FATA), Pakistan. This NATO air strike, better known in the media as the Salala incident or Salala attack, killed 24 Pakistani soldiers including two officers and wounded 13 others.

Full Paper in pdf format is available here

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