A Perspective on Premier Wen’s Visit: No Material Change in Sino-Indian Equation

Behind the usual bonhomie exhibited after the issue of joint communiqué by India and China post Prime Minister Wen Jia Bao's visit basic issue that needs to be addressed is what are the major take aways? Were the concerns of the two countries add

Sino-Indian Equation: Time for a Reset

India’s China policy has been marked by friendship, sentimentalism, fear, diffidence, appeasement, brinksmanship, wishful thinking and engagement. Of late, despite positive political overtures, there are undercurrents of growing negativism in the r

Enhancing the Indo-US Defence Relations: Dissecting the Three ‘Foundational’ Agreements

Introduction The international environment remains in flux. Even though there is a belief that major wars are unlikely yet history has the uncanny knack of surprising us; it is therefore encumbent for nation states while abjuring conflict to rem

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