India, Vietnam, ASEAN Cooperation in Public Security and National Defence

“Our defence cooperation with Vietnam is among our most important ones. India remains committed to the modernization of Vietnam’s defence and security forces.” ---PM Narendra Modi, October 2014 Overview Indian armed forces have admired

Looking Back at Sino-Indian Silk Road Cultural Linkages to Look Forward

“Two great civilizations ---India and China --- have been in mutual dialogue for centuries. Both the dialogue as also the distinctiveness have been inspired in no small measure through the spread of Buddhism.Pilgrims from each country have visited

Dissecting China’s White Papers on Defence: An Indian Perspective

Since 1998 China has been taking out white papers on defence regularly as part of its exercise in military transparency. While such an exercise does have inherent limitations in terms of what it can reveal and what it should conceal yet it serves as

Impressions from a Visit to China: Part II

Tale of Two Chinese Cities The second part of the trip involved a visit to Shenzhen and Guangzhou; one representing the new resurgent, pulsating China throbbing with economic activity and the second depicting both the old and new elements. Guangzh

Impressions from a Visit to China: Part I

While China had announced the year 2015 as ‘Visit India’ year after the visit of President Xi Jinping to India last September, this year after the visit of Prime Minister Modi to China officials in Beijing are in an overdrive to implement some of

US-Vietnam Relations Entering a New Phase

The year 2015 is expected to be a turning point in the evolving strategic and economic relationship between the United States and Vietnam. While assertive behaviour of China in South China Sea can said to be one of the motivations behind US and Vietn

Myanmar: Emerging Political and Security Scenario

The year 2015 is being seen as very crucial for democratic transition of Myanmar as it is due to go for elections in November. From an Indian perspective a peaceful transition in Myanmar remains very important as the countries in India’s neighbourh

China Reinforces its Maritime Claims in South China Sea

While last year China created an avoidable controversy by sending its giant drilling rig HD-981 for drilling for oil within the EEZ of Vietnam to bolster its claims in South China Sea, of late Beijing has adopted innovative strategy of building islan

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Prospects and Issues

While connectivity as a principle cannot be faulted with it is the geopolitical implications of such projects, for instance the China-Pakistan economic corridor that has raised concerns amongst India’s strategic and security establishment. Firstly

Elections in Sri Lanka and Evolving Relationship with India

The coming elections for the Presidency in Sri Lanka have heightened the political activity. President Mahinda Rajapakse is seeking a third term based on the 18th Amendment to the Constitution (carried out in 2010 to overcome the two-term limitation

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