Introduction to Nyaya and Vaisesika Philosophy
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Vivekananda International Foundation organised a talk on April 09, 2021, on Introduction to Nyaya and Vaisesika Philosophy by eminent speaker, Professor Shashi Prabha Kumar, Dean, Sri Sankaracharya Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. This lecture is a part of the VIF lecture series 'Philosophy for Beginners'. The webinar began with the opening remarks by Dr Arvind Gupta, Director, VIF.

Nyaya Philosophy

Professor Shashi Prabha Kumar began the lecture by reciting a Vedic invocation as part of Indian tradition. Then, Prof. Kumar introduced Nyaya philosophy as logical realism or Indian logic. She said that the propounder of Nyaya philosophy is Maharishi Gautam Aksapada. Nyaya translates to the examination of any object or issue with the evidence, said Prof. Kumar. She added that Nyaya is called justice today.

Furthermore, she explained the goal of Nyaya and the significance of 'doubt' as the beginning point of Nyaya philosophy. Prof. Kumar also explained the 16 padarthas or categories under the Nyaya philosophy. She added that Nyaya philosophy is also known as Pramada Shastra. Eventually, Prof Kumar mentioned some sources of Nyaya philosophy, including the Nyaya Sutras and Nyaya Bhashyas.

Vaisesika Philosophy

Prof Kumar introduced the Vaisesika school of philosophy as the sister school of Nyaya philosophy. Vaisesika philosophy deals with the objects of knowledge, as a reason it is also known as Padartha Shastra, said Prof. Kumar. She added that Vaisesika philosophy is the theory of matter. Additionally, Vaisesika philosophy provides us insights into the minds of ancient Hindus, she said. Moving forward, Prof. Kumar mentioned several sources of Vaisesika philosophy and stated that many scholars across the world study it. With Prof. Kumar explaining the significance of Vaisesika philosophy, the lecture came to an end. Lastly, the talk was followed by a question and answer session and closing remarks by Dr Arvind Gupta.

Event Date 
April 9, 2021

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