Interaction with Taiwanese Strategist Dr. Francis Yi-Hua Kan
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In an informal interaction with the VIF’s faculty, held on 15 Oct 2014, Dr. Francis Yi-Hua Kan, former Senior Advisor to the National Security Council, Republic of China, discussed Indo-Taiwan relations and the strategic situation in the Asia-Pacific region. In his opening remarks, Lt Gen (Retd) R.K. Sahwney, Distinguished Fellow, VIF, underscored the commonality between India and Taiwan, especially in terms of multi-party democracy. He urged the visiting dignitary to give a Taiwanese perspective of China’s new leadership, the relationship between the party and the military, the party and the state and so on. Describing China’s new leader President Xi Jingping as strong, decisive, and action-oriented, Dr Kan compared him with India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, adding further that both the leaders will greatly impact the region. He also added that strong anti-corruption drive unleashed by President Xi has largely contributed in reinforcing his image as a strong and decisive leader.

Dr. Kan’s talk, however, covered a wide gamut of regional issues, including, among others, One-China policy, Taiwan’s political and economic relations with the Mainland, the internal political dynamics within Taiwan, the US’ rebalancing strategy in Asia-Pacific, and the issue of maritime security as well as navigational freedom in East Asia, especially in the South China Sea. The interaction, however, remained largely focused on China’s rising profile and what it entails for the region. China’s attempt to set new international norms, part of which is already evident in the maritime dispute over South China Sea, was also discussed during the session. Vice Admiral (Retd) Shekhar Sinha, Mr. Jayadeva Ranade, former Ambassador TCA Rangachari, and Brigadier (Retd) Vinod Anand were among those who interacted with Dr. Francis Yi-Hua Kan.

Event Date 
October 15, 2014
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