The Weakness of Japanese Diplomacy in prospects of Indian-Japanese Ties
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Meeting with Professor Michimi Muranushi

Professor Michimi Muranushi, Department of Law, Gakushuin University, Tokyo spoke on 'The Weakness of Japanese Diplomacy and the prospects of Indian-Japanese Ties?' on Monday, 28 March 2011 at Vivekananda International Foundation. While he was talking about the weakness of Japanese diplomacy, Professor Michimi took the case of Senkaku island dispute to explain it.

He attributed various reasons including inexperience of Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ); lack of structured decision making body within the government and the Chinese government’s hesitation to suppress the anti-Japanese protests etc. He also discussed the influence and counter force of interest groups such as Chinese school and the American School, which resulted in the indecisiveness of Japanese response to Chinese aggressive postures.

At the end of his presentation Professor Michimi enunciated a list of proposals to enhance Japanese diplomatic strength. A lively discussion followed the presentation.

Event Date 
March 28, 2011
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