Historical and Civilisational Studies
Conceptualising ‘One Health, One-Earth’ for Āyurveda

In the 9th World Āyurveda Congress (WAC) organised by the Ministry of Ayush on 11/12/2022, India put forth the vision of ‘One Earth, One Health’ before the world. To put it in the words of Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Modi;

Foreign Universities in India: An Analysis on the Criticisms

Is the arrival of foreign universities to India really a negative development? Of course there could be reasons both for and against. But ultimately, it wouldn’t be as harmful or alarming as it is portrayed, especially if the challenges are...

Language of ‘Dharma’ in a World of ‘Right-Duty’ Discourses

Human rights dry up without a language of human duties, which have consequences for the right protection demands itself. But again, the language of human duties withers without a language of Dharma. This article argues that it is a crisis that...

Either Side of Historical Conclusions: Evidences and Interpretations

… historical narratives should be right, as far as possible accommodative of duly qualified civilisational memories, and so balanced and trust worthy … dignified or infamous, balanced historical narratives bring great advantages to the society,...

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