Lt Gen John Ranjan Mukherjee, ‘A Soldier for Life – My Story’, Vij Books India Pvt Ltd, Delhi, 2021, pages 396, Rs 995/-, ISBN: 978-93-90917-72-3]

This is a story of the experience of one of the most illustrious General Officers of the Indian Army of recent time: the experiences in the Assam Regiment, India-Pakistan 1971 War, India’s North East, Jammu & Kashmir and India’s Tibet Border....

India’s National Defence; Gautam Banerjee, Pentagon Press, New Delhi, 2017, pp 278, INR 995

Book Review

The book India’s National Defence defines India’s Defence Reforms and Military Modernisation which it must undertake to meet the strategic challenges of the 21st Century. The book lucidly brings out India’s inability to optimise its military success...

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