India’s Maoists: Business as usual

It has been business as usual for Naxalites of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), even as the country has been fighting the challenge of COVID-19 pandemic. Incidents of violence by the Maoists, efforts at shoring–up their arsenal and extortion,....

The Maoists, Violence, and their ‘Alternate Revolutionary Programme’

As human beings distance away from each other to deny the corona virus any additional mass and volume, the left-wing insurgents in India's dense jungles converge into south Bastar in central India from neighbouring provinces as well as from Nepal

The Nexus of Terror and Ideology : Scourge of Naxalism in India

Independence may have firmed up the geographic expanse of India but it failed to stabilise the ‘concept’ of India. Constitutionally we have taken our diversity seriously and the representative form of our democracy has further made our divisions ....

Small Wars are National Wars: Need Potent Force to Secure India from Threat Within

Sun Tzu said, “Great results can be achieved with small forces provided those leading them are skilled at war.” It becomes easy for a “small and skilled to fight big and leaderless crowd.” Left Wing Extremism (LWE) is expanding at a rapid....

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