Defence Exports
India’s Defence Exports: Onwards to a Goal that Seemed Impossible

Start point - disbelief
When the Draft Defence Production and Export Promotion Policy (DPEPP) issued on 03 Aug 2020 by the MoD had stated upfront a goal of achieving defence exports target of Rupees 35000 Crores as a part of the overall def....

VIF News Digest: National Security - Defence Studies & Terrorism, 01-15 April 2023

Defence Exports: Challenges, Opportunities and Imperatives

This work is based on the premise that the current level of defence exports in India is well short of its stipulated targets and there is a need for revamping the same.
The analysis is laid out as under:- ....

With Defence Production and Procurement Policies in Place – Are We Headed Correctly?

‘Year of Covid’ – an Important Year for Defence Sector
The stigma, ‘year of Covid’ notwithstanding, 2020 has been a very important year when it comes to self-reliance in defence and aerospace sector. It was in this year when the....

PM’s call at Kevadia – What is the ‘Big Picture’?

Ever since the PM addressed the Combined Commanders Conference in Kevadia on 06 March 2021 the media has been picking up bits and pieces of his address and pitching it as ‘stand-alone agendas’ complete with all the semantics aimed to sensationali....

Defence Production and Export Promotion Policy 2020: Effective Implementation is the Key

Following closely on the heels of Draft Defence Acquisition Procedure (DAP) 2020, which was open for comments till 10 Aug 2020, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has formulated another document called Defence Production and Export Promotion Policy 2020, ....

Defence Exports: Analysing the Armenian Success

On 01 Mar 2020, the media was abuzz with the breaking news of India having won a 40 million USD contract to supply four Swathi Weapon Locating Radars (WLR) to Armenia beating strong competitors like Russia and Poland1. A contract of th....

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