Global Developments and Analysis: Weekly Monitor (12-18 February 2024)


China puts high expectations on ‘new productive forces’ in search for sustainable growth engines
In recent communications, China’s leaders and media have frequently used the phrase “new productive forces” wh....

Neighbourhood News digest - 03 May 2023

Afghanistan’s women and Taliban vie for spotlight at top UN Doha meet – Independent
Hundreds of Afghan women have taken part in protests to criticise what they see as an intentional decision to sideline them f....

India Should Prepare to Deal with the Fallout of Multiple Global Crises

The Russia-Ukraine war, now in its eighth month, shows no sign of ending. It has entered a new phase with Russia annexing the regions of Donbas and Luhansk. Putin has ordered a mobilisation of citizens to get fresh recruits to fight the war. He has g....

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