Smart Theatre Command : A Pre-requisite for to a Joint Theatre Command
Air Marshal (Dr) Rajeev Sachdeva AVSM (PhD) (Retd)


Creation of the post of the Chief of Defence Staff and the Department of Military Affairs was a historical moment for the Indian Armed Forces and has infused the Military into National Security Mechanism. Government of India, as of 1st Jan 2020, carved out Allocation of Business (AOB) Rules for the Secretary DMA, directly tasking the CDS to restructure the Military Organisation and create Theatre Commands.

On 15th August 2019, the Hon’ble PM said, “World is changing today, as also the scope and nature of war. It is becoming technology driven…India too should not have fragmented approach. Our entire military power will have to work in unison and move forward.” “There should be good coordination and it should be relevant with the hope and aspirations of our people.”

This can only happen firstly, with the whole of nation approach and secondly if the three Services join up at the drawing board and create an interoperable environment, fuse the intelligence, create a common battle field milieu, have a seamless connectivity, write a joint perspective plan, create a joint capability, with common Cyber, Mobility, Space, Logistics, Communication, Networking, Training (Common), Maintenance, Intelligence, Surveillance (Satellites / UAS), Air Defence, Capability Building, Acquisition, Military Diplomacy, Common HR issues, Common legal Act, Disaster Management, AI, Drones milking, Info sharing and Codification.

To operationalise and fight a war through a Joint Theater Command, the three Services will have to start thinking together, plan together and train together for this a Smart Theatre Command is a pre-requisite to a Joint Theatre Command.

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